This article brings up some great points that we’re very familiar with, especially with the new SolAire home we just built on NW Bond St (The cute blue home on the left side of the street as you are heading downtown from Colorado Avenue).

As more and more older homes here in Bend are getting complete refurbishing, what do you think about this issue?

Historical buildings are everywhere. In a country with such a (relatively) short history, we Americans care deeply about protecting our historic and archeological resources. Every week, 20-30 properties are classified as historic buildings worthy of preservation by the National Parks Service, which administers the National Register of Historic Places Program.

And while some of these buildings have special significance, most didn’t play a dramatic role in history – they’ve just been standing for a long time. Even in the town over from Senseware HQ (outside Washington, D.C.), the original Vienna library stands quietly preserved amongst million-dollar homes and a thriving commercial hub. Read the Rest