Kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s been said for years, and in working with clients over the last 20+ years we certainly have found that to be true.

One dilemma we have run into for years is addressing the wasted space in the corner of the kitchen. There is never enough storage in the kitchen and dead spaces are unacceptable. Corner kitchen cabinets have always been a great option, but the challenge has always been how to make that space attractive as well as useful.

Here are some ideas for making that kitchen corner beautiful as well as functional.

Curved Corner

These custom round-faced drawers not only look amazing, but they also reach all the way back to the wall. They’re about 2 1/2 times deeper than a typical drawer.

Updated Look for Lazy Susan

The traditional Lazy Susan gets a makeover from white wire or laminate to industrial stainless chic — Sturdy and makes for an economical and effective solution — Almost makes this corner a “mini-pantry”.

Pull Out Door

Completely unique in design as the stainless shelving is attached to the cabinet door and your shelves come right out to greet you every time you open the door.  Soft closing design so that “door” never gets slammed.

Show Off Corner

This custom corner sink and cabinet assure there is not a speck of wasted space. With three bowls and a sliding corner cabinet this solution makes every effort to show off what can be done in the corner of a kitchen if you put your mind to it.

Come on Out

This unique sliding shelf solution incorporates two sets of shelves on guides that work together to maximize your space while still giving you access to everything back in the far corner.

Complete Access

This design incorporates 2 independent shelves that come completely out of the cabinet giving full access without having to reach in at all.  Fairly simple, but beautiful design for any kitchen corner.

So many good ideas. What would you choose?

Of course, there are other ideas and you may have some. If you do or would like to talk about what we might be able to do for your home, it’d be great to hear from you. Drop me an email: I’d love to talk with you.