Home safety & security are important topics to many, but it is also one that not enough people understand sufficiently. It is important to research home safety & security in order to keep your home protected. Keep reading for some great tips.

Don’t ever let it be apparent that there is no one at home. While you can still buy timers that will make your TVs, radios and other electronics turn on and turn off at various times, there are also automated ways to achieve the same result either by schedule or right off your smart phone. There are a variety of systems with an array of options.  They help secure your home by making it appear that someone is there consistently.

Having light on in your home at night will scare crooks away. Thieves don’t want to be visible. A well-lit home is like a red flag to a burglar. Have lights that come on when they detect movement for best results.

Motion-sensitive exterior lighting is a must. These lights will keep your property well lit, and when you are home, allows you to see who approaches your home. If strategically placed, motion detectors ensure that it’s difficult for intruders to break into your home sight unseen.

Hide your spare key in a place where no one would think to look for it. It is very common for homeowners to hide them under a mat or above the framing of their door, and intruders know this. One creative alternative is to put the extra key on your dog’s collar.

Before choosing home security companies and systems ask advice from someone that knows what kind of options there are. You can benefit from the experience of others that have gone before you by paying attention to their recommendations and warnings. Be sure you seek out advice by asking those people.  They can range from friends and neighbors, to your builder or home-owners association.

Never allow any strangers into your home. Stay true to your safety, even if it appears the person has legitimate reasons for wanting entry. Some people will simply knock on your door to see whether or not there is a security system installed, and if there isn’t, they may target you later when you’re away.

Store your car in the garage if you are able. Keeping your car in your house will deter intruders from vandalizing or stealing it. It will also keep any intruders from knowing when you’re home.

Don’t forget about the skylights when securing your home. Though skylights bring light into your home and look nice, it is also a very common way for burglars to get into your home. Your skylights need durable and reliable hardware for true protection.

You should change all the locks if you just bought or rented a new home. Although the person you purchased the house from might seem honest, you really have no clue as to who they really are. Keep in mind that other families might have lived with them, too.

Keep a flashlight with good batteries in every room of your home, just in case you lose power. If the lights go out, they will ensure everyone stays safe. Train kids how to use the flashlights so that everyone may contribute.

If you sign a contract for a security company, read all the fine print first. There may be some hidden fees, or a need to buy more equipment later. You can easily avoid these fees if you do your research.

Make sure you have weighed the costs and risks when you are considering your security needs. While alarm systems are great, they aren’t necessary for every family. Some neighborhoods feel more safe than others, but a good security system definitely makes you feel more safe. Think about your risk factor when making a decision.

Consider putting a surveillance system in your home. This will allow you to see who is around your house even when you are away. If a burglar can see them, it acts as a deterrent. Many surveillance systems will allow you to access them through your cell phone; therefore, you can ensure your home is safe even when you’re gone.  One of the simplest is the new DropCam by Nest.  With a cost of $200 per camera that simply plugs into an outlet and sends alerts via your smart phone any time there is any motion. It doesn’t get much simpler.

Most people know that home security is a necessary part of life. But, many people are unaware of what it takes to protect their home. With any luck, this has served as a useful resource on the key topic of keeping your home secure day and night.

The easiest time to consider any home security or home automation system is during the planning and building phase of a home.  SolAire Homebuilders has been building energy efficient custom homes in Bend for the last 20 years and has experience seamlessly integrating home safety and security systems.  Give SolAire a call at 541-383-2140.