Net Zero Energy homes and buildings go by many names: zero-energy homes, zero net energy (ZNE) building, net-zero energy building (ZNEB). These are homes and buildings with zero net energy consumption. This means the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.

Think about that for a moment.

Your home could generate as much energy as your family uses in the home over the course of the year.

The most cost-effective steps toward a reduction in a building’s energy consumption usually occur during the design process. To achieve efficient energy use, zero energy design departs from conventional construction practice by incorporating additional insulation, high-efficiency windows, natural ventilation, and other techniques such as thicker, engineered wall structures.

12 inch staggered stud wall small

This SolAire 12 inch staggered stud wall, when insulated, provides R-48 insulation.

But don’t worry. The outside of the homes look the same as other homes but with solar electric collectors and solar thermal collectors on the roof.

Inside you’ll find the exterior walls are thicker, fresh air flows through the ventilation, the heating and cooling systems and the appliances are more efficient and specifically chosen for the home to lower energy bills and keep the home close to zero as possible.

Integrating passive solar benefits and the PV panels into the design of a SolAire custom home from the very first provides a pleasing aesthetic.

Integrating passive solar benefits and the PV panels into the design of a SolAire custom home from the very first provides a pleasing aesthetic.

Successful zero energy building designers typically combine time tested passive solar or artificial conditioning principles that work with the on-site assets. Sunlight and solar heat, prevailing breezes, and the cool of the earth below a building, can provide daylighting and stable indoor temperatures with minimum mechanical means.

All the technologies needed to create zero energy buildings are available off-the-shelf today.

To cope with fluctuations in demand, zero energy buildings are frequently connected to the electricity grid, export electricity to the grid when there is a surplus, and drawing electricity when not enough electricity is being produced.

We prefer a design-build relationship where we help you co-create the home of your intentions. We can work with your architect or collaborate with ours. Together, we work step by step to create a comfortable, energy positive, custom home for you to enjoy for years.

Regardless of the definition or name used for a Net Zero Energy Building, minimizing the energy use through efficient building design should be a fundamental design criterion and the highest priority of all Zero Net Energy projects.

With a Zero-Energy Custom Home, your new home should generate as much energy as your family consumes in the home over the course of the year. This means saying goodbye to utility bills, cold drafts and uncomfortable spaces and hello to utility credits, warm even temperatures and a healthy carbon footprint.

Want to know more about NetZero home building?

SolAire Homebuilders in Bend, Oregon, built the first NetZero home in Central Oregon and is having a 20 year Anniversary Celebration in their latest NetZero project in Northwest Crossing on June 17th from 5-7 pm. Come see how it’s done by the company that’s been building quality energy efficient homes in Central Oregon for two decades. RSVP to Cindi or Kendra @ (541) 383-2140