RootedHomes at Poplar, Affordable, Sustainable Community in SW Bend

Location: Bend, Oregon

RootedHomes is a local non-profit organization that provides environmentally sustainable and permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for those who contribute to the fabric of the Central Oregon economy and community. They envision sustainable, equitable communities where everyone can afford to live where they work and play. RootedHomes builds sustainable communities for Central Oregon’s workforce; nurses, teachers, essential workers, and many more who contribute to the fabric of the economy. These are working families and individuals who can qualify for a mortgage but cannot afford to purchase a home on the rising market when their wages remain stagnant.

RootedHomes partnered with Solaire to bridge this gap by creating home ownership for first-time home buyers. This community collaboration is a beacon of home for many essential workers struggling to find affordable home ownership opportunities in Bend’s challenging housing market. The project carefully selects its homeowners, prioritizing those employed by local partner businesses and first-generation home buyers.

Seven Units

1348 sq. feet
3 bedrooms
2 baths


The Community Land Trust model was born out of the civil rights movement when sharecroppers in Georgia wanted the right to vote but couldn’t vote without owning land. They pooled their resources and collectively purchased a working farm and, in doing so, started the first Community Land Trust. Homeowners own their home outright by leveraging a traditional mortgage; the Community Land Trust owns the land under the house and leases it back to the homeowner through a 99-year renewable land lease. The lease ensures that the home resells to another income-qualified homebuyer if the homeowners sell. The original homeowner receives a fair return on their initial investment while helping future generations access affordable homes as they did.

To ensure equitable access of its homes for everyone, RootedHomes is committed to strategies that break down homeownership barriers for its priority population – Black, Indigenous, and people of color households, earning less than 80% AMI, with family housing needs.

The RootedHomes model is committed to building environmentally sustainable communities and their values align with Solaire Homebuilders with the common goals of:

  • Affordability – Rooted Homes creates mixed-income communities with homes that are permanently affordable through the Community Land Trust model.
  • Sustainability – Rooted Homes develops to goal net-zero energy standards to ensure equitable access to energy-efficient homes, and the health and savings that come with it.
  • Equitable Access – Rooted Homes is committed to providing access to healthy homes to homebuyers who have been excluded from the opportunity to build wealth through homeownership.

This SW Bend community includes seven homes for households earning less than 80% AMI and one home for a household earning up to 120% AMI. These goal net-zero energy homes are designed as 2-story, 3-bedroom, and 2-bath homes designed by Ten Over Studio and built by Solaire Homebuilders in 2024.  This community features include one electric bike per household, a shared common area, and community gardens. Each household moving into their 3-bedroom, 2-bath home is paying an average of $1,500 on their mortgage, 40% less than the average monthly rent of a 3-bedroom home. Homeowners will pay $12 per month in their utility costs thanks to the net-zero design and solar panels on the home. Homeowners will also receive an electric bike as a secondary transportation option as part of a partnership between RootedHomes and Pacific Power. Rooted at Poplar houses essential and local workers in partnership with the Bend Chamber.

These homes are built to goal net zero energy standards, meaning the home produces enough renewable energy on-site to meet its own energy consumption. RootedHomes goes beyond building net-zero homes, to building sustainable communities that include electric bikes for all homeowners, xeriscaping, community gardens, and EV charging in partnership with local businesses like: Sunlight Solar, Building Solutions, Earth Advantage, Northwest Aerobarrier and the Energy Trust of Oregon. RootedHomes is not only committed to breaking down the barriers for lower-income households to access affordable homeownership, but they are also committed to energy justice. Lower-income households are disproportionately burdened by energy insecurity due to their higher likelihood of living in older, energy-inefficient homes. This situation causes increased housing costs and unhealthy living conditions, linking housing to health insecurities. Persistent income and health inequality perpetuates instability that leads to generational poverty.


  • Earth Advantage Certified
  • EA Net Zero Energy
  • EA Platinum
  • Main house: 1348 SF

Green features:

  • Solar
  • Blown-in-blanket wall insulation.
  • EPS air seal
  • Induction cooking
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Ductless mini-split HVAC
  • (ERV) Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • Low VOC paint.
  • Community garden space.
  • Xeriscaping
  • One Electric Bike for each household.

Design Features:

  • Low VOC, Greengaurd Certified LVP Hardwood floors throughout.
  • Glass shower enclosure, matte black fixtures.
  • Extra closets and storage space.
  • Washer and Dryer in each home.
  • Powder coated steel custom stair railing
  • Kitchen with induction cooking, quartz countertops, island, dishwasher, and custom cabinetry.
  • Ample windows for natural light.
  • Milgard windows.

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